Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monogram Nails By Nails Inc

Ok, I am torn on this new set from Nails Inc. Not yet, its available for presale in the brands online store for twenty points. I LOVE the look. But......... Think about it. You are paying for the nail decals. If they were a dollar or two a page, I'd be all over this. But at the price, for four or so of each letter? Just not sure I can get on board with it. But its a look I love. And if you remember my newspaper nails manicure, its a very similar look for no out of pocket cost. But the set is cute!


  1. I like that they don't come out backwards, the way newsprint nails do. But you are right. a gimmicky set that is trying to capture our nail budget dollars is just insulting. I'd rather try a novelty set like the Ciate Chalkboard nails. At least that one is a lot more unique, seems like a better value.

  2. like the colours but wouldnt use the lettering ..lol my girls would be gone with those



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