Saturday, August 3, 2013

GIANT Collective Haul!

So this has been a long busy summer, but I am lucky (or cursed) that I transfer buses on the way to work right at a Shoppers Drug Mart, I go to school right across the street from a Shoppers Drug Mart and I live a 10 minute walk from a Shoppers Drug Mart. So all in all, the universe is determined to send me regularly to the store!

First off, I got Kensington Palace Gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden from the new Summer collection, and Haymarket which I THOUGHT was from the same collection but it seems here in Canada, we never got the new mint green, we got a similar one from their polish stock. It was kind of disappointing but I love the colour and would have gotten it either way. Swatches and reviews to follow!

Now, this was a bonus points event and if you spent $50 you get 20x the points. So since I was already spending $34.50 it seemed silly not to spend another $15.50 and take advantage of the bonus points. So I went to look for some razors. I have really really sensitive skin and I find that I can ONLY use a razor blade 2-3 times before it starts irritating me, so I go through a lot of razor blades and usually find it just easier and cheaper to get disposable ones.

Now these I have never tried before, but I tend to like Shick and these ones smell like Strawberry Tangerine and were on clearance for $4.99 for a 3 pack.

And while I tend to use only high end mascaras (not because I think they are better, but because I always end up with a million sample ones) I keep hearing that drugstore ones are usually  better. The ONLY mascaras I have EVER bought myself are my Bad Gal Lash by Benefit and DiorShow which I had fallen in love with after trying samples. And lets be honest. At least here in Canada, even drugstore mascaras are NOT cheap. I have never really wanted to spend $9-12 on a drugstore brand when I have a literal drawer full in my makeup stash!

BUT I happened to hit the mascara jackpot at Shoppers this trip! The lash blast which I hear great things about was only $4.99 in the bonus pack with the makeup remover (which I already gave to my mom) and the L'oreal Telescopic which I also hear great things about was only $6.99 in the bonus pack and came with a bonus eyeliner (also given to my mom already). So to get a bonus 10k in points (which equates to $17 in bonus points when redeeming 50k) I thought I would take the chance of both the mascaras!

While at London Drugs I saw this trial pack of skincare for only $5! The best part about it? I use and carry with me the mineral water and they cost $8 normally. So for $3 less, I got it and two deluxe samples AND a $5 off coupon for my  next purchase from the brand!

I ran in to a Sephora to pick up the new daytime moisturizer I am using (I still use the moisture surge intense for night) since I had a gift card and the Rosy Glow blush from Dior was calling my name.

Now the above picture is more accurate, but its even more bright in real life than either of these pictures. And its TOTALLY scary looking. BRIGHT pink! But its supposed to adjust to magically fit any skintone. I have not yet tried this, but my mom wore it once and it looked amazing on her. I think its MY favourite blush I have seen her wear. And it does NOT apply as bright and scary as it looks in the pan. So I hope it looks as good on me! And if not.... well, I guess I cant return it when it looks so good on her.

I have never tried a velvety powder blush from Marcelle before but I hear good things about the brand, and this one was on clearance for $2.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart a few weeks back and I thought I would try it out. Once more, soon as I try it I will review it on the blog!

Oops! This is upside down! I actually got this about 5 months ago. I already had two, but I like to have a different one for each scent. The idea of changing scents in them just doesn't do it for me. And the last one I bought never worked. It just kept leaking right out. So I was happy they were willing to swap it for a different one though they had no more solid black ones left. This one is already filled with YSL Babydoll.

Now this trip to Shoppers Drug Mart came with a very specific plan. I had another $50 giftcard to Shoppers Drug Mart (there are sales goals where I work, and we get rewarded with gift cards to wherever I choose as prizes. I choose Shoppers). So there was a bonus event going on that day that if you spent $75 you got 18,500 points. But I had a coupon for 16,000 points for spending $60 from my weekly email. So I thought that was a better deal. BUT...... I went to a store that had a beauty department event for its grand opening where you got 28,500 if you spent $75.00. But ONLY beauty items were eligible. OK. Plan out the window. That is a value of $49.50 in optimum points (I always calculate optimum points based on 50,000=$85 since that is how I tend to redeem. BUT..... I also only redeem during bonus events so it works out to be much more!).

Now this foundation brush from Shiseido I have wanted for at least a year. I have heard AMAZING things about it but I went two or three times to pick it up and it was sold out, and then kind of forgot about it. I am sooooo excited to try this!

The new Lise Watier polish from the fall collection along with a basic grey from the Nails Inc line! I had this, but I gave it away when a friend fell in love with it.

And then I got two Apocalips which I HATE. I mean, I LOVED the formula but hated the colours on me! I gave them both to my mom and hopefully she likes the colours. The formula is amazing.

And now yes, I did hate the colours but I picked up this third one and OMG do I love it! It is kind of fruity scented but not in a bad way. Its opaque but glides on like a lip-gloss yet it has ZERO stickiness whatsoever! And the doe foot applicator has a little scoop in it to scoop out the product.

Butter London Keks! Will review it shortly!

And lastly, there was a bonus redemption this past Wednesday and if you spent 50,000 points to get $85 (something I NEVER do since if you wait long enough, you can get $100 or $110 instead) you get 15,000 points back! So it was only 35,000 points to get $85.

The above all came in part of a $9.99 teen pack. It also came with a big bottle of sulfate free shampoo, a tube of toothpaste, a three pack of fruit flavoured blistex. and I think something else... But I gave them to my mom as I would never use them. But for less than $1 an item for full sized products, it was an easy decision. And specifically the soft soap body wash and the razor and simple cleansing cloths were allt hings I had on my shopping list for sometime in the near future.

I have been intrigued with these Marcelle bronzing cloths for awhile but for $18.50 each I wasn't THAT curious. Then came the bonus pack for the same price and I still could not pull the trigger. They were however on sale for $12.99 AND had a $3 off coupon attached. So for $9 (less than half the retail price) with the free bonus pack, I grabbed it.

Next on my shopping list was an after sun balm. I had it narrowed down to these two, and finally said screw it. I'll get both! And besides, I KNOW I will get through them both eventually.

And a green concealer to counteract redness.

And all for a total of the taxes (on $85) and 35,000 points!

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