Monday, August 5, 2013

On The Horizon Feathered Finish Collection For China Glaze Fall 2013

I must say, I really love the feather finish polishes that were introduced by Nail's Inc. And while I never got the fuzzy polishes from Sally Hansen (they were too similar in colours to the Nail's Inc ones) I am all over this trend. So I am happy to say the new On The Horizon collection from China Glaze is about to be released!

This collection consists of:
  • You’re a Hoot – soft yellow, orange & black particles
  • Light As a Feather – orange, white & black particles
  • All A Flutter – pastel peach, soft blue & white particles
  • Party Fowl – bold blue, orange & black particles
  • Flock Together – mint green, bold blue & black particles
  • Flying South – orange, soft yellow & red-shimmery particles

And anyone else other than me think that The Light As A Feather or Flying South would make the PERFECT Haloween manicure? No? Just me? OK then.


  1. oh it totally would! i love china glaze and haven't picked up any of these yet so maybe i'll have to try their verision of this trend.

  2. Now THESE are some feather colors I can seriously get into!!!! Not so pale and boring as all others I have seen!!! (Having said that, I just bought a bottle of Teal Me Your Secrets from Nail Pattern Boldness, another awesome feather color that isn't pastel and washy).



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