Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ciate Corrupted Manicure Set Swatches In Foam Party

So I was quite interested in these sets when they first came out and picked up the blue set Foam Party. I have to say I was kind of disappointed in the actual set. Its kind of....... well.... nothing really special.

So basically this is a full sized paint pot in Boom Box, a bottle of glitter and a mini bottle of uv top coat (to make nails glow in black light).

The blue is pretty. Reminds me of Butter London Keks.

So as you can see, a nice blue cream. very similar to Butter London Keks.

And when you put the glitter on it just looks like a plain blue glitter polish. It doesnt look anything special, or wow. And when the top coat is on it looks and feels EXACTLY like a blue glitter. Kind of a waste of an effect if you ask me. a nice paint pot filled with thirty cents worth of glitter.

The ONLY thing that makes this something I would possible suggest over just buying a paint pot is that it comes with the uv top coat. But honestly? I would probably suggest just getting the top coat. These sets from Ciate seem so gimmicky. I mean, the caviar beads were at least a bit of a NEW trend. Though insanely overpriced since you could go to the craft store and buy the beads for pennies. But since then they just seem to get more and more gimicky in my opinion. Yes, I just bought two more of these sets, but only because they were such a great deal that they made it cheaper to buy the polish in the set than to buy the paint pot on its own.

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