Sunday, August 4, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Collection

Now I am hesitant to write this blog post. I fear this is going to be another L'oreal Versaille Collection all over again. Let me just state this now. If these do not come here to Canada, I am going to go all crazy on Maybelline's ass. And do you know what a crazy beauty blogger looks like when she is told for the umpteenth time that the item she wants is not available where she lives? Lets just say its not pretty and leave it at that!

Thats right! NEON Baby Lips. Which I am hoping translates to something more akin to the Loreal Color Riche Balms. I love the formula of the Baby Lips, I just wish they had a bit more colour in them! And yet not quite as much as the lip butters. Well, this might be the answer!!

From Left to right, Pink Shock, Fierce and Tangy, Berry Bomb, Oh Orange and Minty Sheer. The 6th one, shown in the promo image at the top, but not the second one is Strike A Rose.

I need these! At least the ones that dont smell like Rose. YUK! I HATE Rose!!!

Have you guys seen these yet? Please everyone, lets start a Canadian lookout group! Let me know if you see these anywhere!!!!!!!!!! Will you be picking these up?


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