Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dior Diva Program 2013

Ok, so a bit of a rant ahead. I was ready to submit my Dior receipts for the Dior Diva Program (CLICK HERE IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHAT THE PROGRAM IS!!) and I phoned one of the local Dior counters to get the address to send off the receipts too. They were not sure and told me to just google it. The problem is the address has recently changed and I mailed it to the wrong address. And 4 months later I am SOL. The receipts were not returned to sender and it looks like I am SOL. I guess the only thing I can hold on too is that as it turns out the rewards didn't really change much this year. At least not the $500 level I was redeeming for so I would have simply ended up with a second of the same bracelet.

But anyways, for those of you who are interested in what you get this year (the big difference is the 1000 point perk) , here is the forms you need to fill out AND THE CORRECT ADDRESS!!!


  1. Thanks for the new form.I have had the same problems,waiting for my sales rep to get back to me,no one at DIOR counter at the Bay in Canada knows things changed...frustrating then I came to your comments,thanks,liked the other rewards,have done the 1000 and 2500 one a couple of times and 500 once.The products and bags were gorgeous.Will try the Miss DIor as I am not really fussy on DIOR perfumes.I am a Thierry Mugler Angel girl,cheere!

  2. After reading the above info, I'm totally confused.
    In December 2013, I sent my original receipts (as required) to the address in Edison. Is the address in Edison the new or the old one? There are some forms online showing an address in Ronks. I thought I had sent the form to the wrong place, but according to your info, it's not the case. I was very pleased with the gift and the processing time the first time around but this time (it would've been my second redemption) I'm VERY disappointed. I haven't received the gift yet! To make the matters worse, no one at The Bay (Canada)seems to know where/whom to contact. Any suggestions.

  3. I'm very confused. Is the address in Edison a new or an old one? There are forms available online showing a different address (ie, in Ronks). In December 2013, I sent the form (and the original receipts) to the address in Edison and... I haven't heard from them yet. (no gift, no receipts :( ) It would've been my second redemption. I was very pleased with the gift and the processing time the first time around, but now I'm VERY disappointed. To make the matters worse, no one at The Bay (Canada) seems to know whom to contact. Any suggestions?



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