Sunday, August 18, 2013

Essence Ticket To Paradise Collection

Look what I spotted at Shoppers Drug Mart the other day:

In some ways I was very well behaved (I got no nail polish). But I did pick up a gel eyeshadow for my mom (in green) and the gold gel eyeshadow for myself. And I am embarrassed to admit, a hair mascara.

The gel shadows are TERRIBLE. They are sheer and they drag and.... well, just avoid them! I wasted my money so you can save yours.

As for the hair mascara, I have no idea WHY I picked it up. I am going to go with nostalgia sake. I remember in high school these being super popular. But seriously. A purple hair mascara? When and where am I going to wear this? I work in a super conservative (navy suits only, no bare legs, no excessive piercings or visible tattoos, the list goes on) work environment. Purple hair mascara? No idea why....

Yeah........ it says on the display that the mascara is for eyes and hair, but the packaging specifically says HAIR MASCARA. So I am not risking this on my eyes.

Did any of you pick up anything from this collection? If you did, did you have any better luck than I had?

1 comment:

  1. oh yeah these shadows are horrible :( The gold polish is also incredibly sheer. I skipped this display, hoping for better luck for fall! Essence should have stuck to the first summer collection, it was way better.



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