Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Limited Edition Essentials Palette For Clarins Holiday 2013

So when I saw the above palette from Clarins I was really not interested. It seemed to be all purples. Now that there is the first sighting of it in real life though, OH MY GOSH I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is NOT my photo. But when i saw it posted on British Beauty Blogger I KNEW I needed it. And I needed to share it with all of you. I seriously LOVE Clarins makeup. I have some shadows, some liners and some lipsticks by them and everything I have tried has been fantastic!

Now I have used one of her images (below) but I hope you go her blog (linked in her oversized name) and check out all the photos she has of this. This is just a teaser, she has more photos and all the swatches for this. This may just be MY version of the Naked 2 palette. I knew I hadn't picked that one up for a reason! I love the look of this one, the shade range is more up my alley (more highlight shades and the darkest shades are must lighter). This is shooting right up to the top of my NEED list!!!!!


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