Sunday, April 28, 2013

Urban Decay Wallpaper Shadow Box

This is the first palette Urban Decay ever came out with. I picked this up a bit ago I picked this up on Boxing Day. I can not believe its been 4 months since I picked this up. I never realized just how backed up I am on my swatching! EEK! This was on sale for $12. I wanted one and my mom wanted one. Boxing day was all planned out. Three places to go. Sephora, Bath & Body Works, and Lush. My dad and I went together with a plan. We dropped my mom off at work and I booked it to lush to pick up mine and my moms shopping lists (my dad HATES the smell of LUSH) and he went to Sephora to pick up two palettes. Well, he FAILED. They had only one left. So he bought it for my mom and I was out of luck. BAH!!!!! Thankfully when a girlfriend of mine went to the OTHER location in the city (about 4 hours later) they had a lot left and she was able to pick it up for me! So yay!

Now Urban Decay tends to make a lot of shades that have a lot of glitter and fall out in them. A LOT of these shadows could be described that way. The pigment on them was MOSTLY good though. Grind swatched real well on the finger, but did not translate to swatching. Uzi was a mess of fall out and there was basically no colour. When swatched all it does is leave glitter (and a trail of it from all the fall out). Aside from those two shades, the payout was quite good.

Now Urban Decay shadows are $18 for .05oz. This palette contains 9 .03oz shadows. So that makes the palette a value of $97.20 worth of shadows. And for $12.00 how could you pass up that deal?!


  1. Wow, hehe, their first palette, that's wicked~

  2. Pretty good buy! I like the look of "Chopper"



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