Thursday, April 25, 2013

Julep Dry Shampoo - My New HOLY GRAIL Of Hair Care!

I hate dry shampoo. I really, really, really HATE dry shampoo. The concept is ok, but nothing about how they work is good in my opinion. Let me go over why I use the words HATE to describe my feelings for dry shampoo.

  • they leave a filmy white residue that looks like dandruff or powder
  • they tend to have a powdery scent that gets in the air and makes me sneeze
  • they tend to have a very strong fragrance that lingers for far too long
  • many add a gunky buildup that makes your hair look worse, NOT better
Now I chose the three brands I did to use in the image above because those are the three I have tried and thrown out/given away days later.

So a month ago when I upgraded my Julep box for the month I had plans to throw out/giveaway the dry shampoo. 

Now, why I tried this out I can not tell you. I had zero expectation of it working. I had no hopes of liking it. I can NOT even begin to tell you why I tried it. And you know what?

I CAN NOT BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW BEYOND AMAZING THIS PRODUCT IS!!!!!!!!!!!! It is AMAZING! I keep joking that I am going to take the Julep nail polish remover to school (I'm doing a chem major) and have it tested because it MUST have acetone in it. I mean, come on! If its possible to have a non acetone polish remover WORK and work AS WELL as acetone, how come no one other than Julep has been able to do it? I joke, but I do sometimes wonder! lol! Well, here is the next miracle product that just CAN"T work so well and yet it does. Let me tell you, 
  • ZERO residue. ZERO. It goes on clear. Evcn on my red hair
  • It has NO powdery smell whatsoever
  • It has a light scent that is clean, fresh and nice but does NOT linger 
  • It adds SOOOOOO much body I can not even begin to explain it to you
It is expensive. I will not argue or deny that. 17.60 for mavens, 22.00 for non mavens, but OH MY GOSH IS IT WORTH it. I mean, SERIOUSLY worth it! I am halfway through my bottle and will be reordering, reordering and reordering after that! At least the cost is inclusive of taxes and has no shipping fees! And for those of you who are not yet convinced, here is a little how to video. And trust me, its worth watching! 

And yes, I know I am the one who constantly says Julep needs to stop spending time making non nail products and stick to the manicure stuff. Yeah........... Maybe...... Just........ 


  1. I may have to try this. I, like you have come to loath dry shampoos. I've tried several brands and they are all sitting in my bathroom, never to be used after the first try. I agree they all smell and leave my hair with a nasty filmy feeling. Maybe Julep will have to be my next, and last, sot at dry shampoo.

    1. NEVER did I think I would be recommending a dry shampoo to anyone. BUT you should try this! I really do LOVE it!

  2. Agree! Also, it seems to last FOREVER compared to other dry shampoos. I once used a whole can of Dove dry shampoo without realizing it. I've used this several times and it's not even halfway gone. Also, it seems to have permanently altered my hair. Before, I would wash every other day and the second day was greasy and gross. Now I can wash one day and go two more days without my hair looking greasy and I'm not even using the dry shampoo! Maybe it's something else causing it, but it coincided with the use of the dry shampoo. This stuff is awesome!

  3. I'm on board too! I have red hair too, and it's fantastic to find one that doesn't leave my hair looking like I rolled in baby powder.

    The major thing for me is that it doesn't leave my hair crunchy, which I CANNOT STAND.

    Julep really a hit home run with this one.

  4. What are the ingredients? I would love more body and less greasiness, but don't feel great about putting tons of chemicals on my head/hair...

    1. Ingredients: Propane, Alcohol Denat., Butane, Isobutane, Aluminum Starch Cotenylsucciante, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Fragrance/Parfum.

  5. I bought it and used it once and then the bottle refused to spray anymore. It was really weird.



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