Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quo Velvet Kiss Lipstick in 04

So if you sign up with your optimum points card online you get emailed once a week with personally tailored for you coupons. I know at least half a dozen people who have signed up and we all get DIFFERENT coupons. Last week I got a coupon for 3000 bonus points if I spent $20 on nail polish. A great deal but there wasn't $20 worth of polishes I wanted. This week one of the coupons was 2000 bonus points for spending a mere $10 on any lipsticks or lipbalms. I picked up this Quo colour.

I wont lie. 80% of what convinced me to buy this polish was the packaging. I love it. You push the bottom and the lipstick pops up (just like Chanel ones).

And when you press it, it pops up like this.

Now I can not explain it, but it is listed as being 3.5g, the same as most of my other lipsticks. BUT, its so much shorter and no wider. I have no idea how it can be the same amount of product as this Givenchy one for example. The Givenchy is well loved and shorter than it originally was when I got it. And this quo is super short and brand new. And both are 3.5g?

Now sadly, the application SUCKED. It was SOOO bad I am actually posting it on my lips to demonstrate the issue. It pulls and drags and is beyond drying. I have matte lipsticks that are easier to apply than this one. And it never sinks in to the lips AT ALL. It just kind of sits on the lips all waxy and patchy and feeling gross. Its a really good thing I got 2k in bonus points because it makes it SLIGHTLY less upsetting that I blew $12 bucks on this piece of crap. I have had great experiences with the brand up until now (except the brushes. I hate the brushes. They are TERRIBLE) but this lipstick is terrible.


  1. sorry to say "ew" it looks like globby paint :S but the packaging is so cute

  2. The packaging is so cool... not a fan of the colour, though. At least you got bonus points for it!

  3. the packaging is totally awesome!! but the colour and the product is horrible on you....I am shocked that Quo would have have a product like this that looks like cheap kids lipstick.

  4. Ew, yeh that looks gross. :( Otherwise it's SOOO cute! Maybe the lipstick goes down into the bottom further? I thought the colour was really nice but it actually didn't apply so doesn't suit you.

  5. I just found this post after buying the exact same shade and trying to find swatches online to show my friend... I was surprised to see that you hated it! It doesn't look like that on my lips at all either, it's slightly sheer but it's not goopy looking or separates

    1. Normally when I make a post about something being an utter fail I get lots of private messages agreeing with me.

      This time I think the problem is ME. Everyone else has great experiences with the product. Maybe I just got a bum one? I don't know. I may have to give the line another try.

    2. this is how it ended up looking on me:

      it might have been the product itself, i dont think quo is the most consistent when it comes to quality

  6. Hey, I actually just bought a velvet kiss lipstick a couple days ago..and then I vaguely remembered this post. I couldn't remember whether you loved it or hated it. Well, I am in LOVE with this lipstick. It really is velvety and luxe feeling. I can't believe it's Quo! I mean I really like Quo but I am amazed and this is probably the second best lipstick I've ever used next to Urban Decay.



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