Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hard Candy Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection In Natrually Gorgeous

Let me start by saying this palette was $5.98. I recognize it was really cheap. But I think that a product should meet expectations regardless of the price. And this product sadly did not. I must say I do not at all recommend purchasing this. Yes, it was cheap. But it was also kind of........ well, it was crap.

Now most of the colours (not the first, third or seventh) swatched fine on the finger. But not great In all of these, this was me rubbing my finger over the very dry pressed powder anywhere from 2-4 times depending on the colour.

That being said, most of these swatched TERRIBLY on the skin. This took a lot of effort to get the below swatches. And while usually I want a super soft and buttery shadow to work with, these were both super super soft, and yet, not at all buttery. They were kind of dry and ended up leaving fall out because of how powdery they are.

And by powdery I mean powdery. They are super dry eyeshadows and without the benefit of a warm finger, you really have to apply pressure to get the colour to pick up. And when you do they almost crumble. This is what the palette looked like when I was done swatching it.

So yes, these are only $5.98. But that is $6 you could spend on many other things. Things that you might use a second time.


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