Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dior Nymphea Swatches And Comparisons

So I was lucky enough to get my hands on Nymphea from Dior (and Crystal which will come in a separate post). And I must say I am soooo happy I did. They are limited edition colours for spring that if I am not mistaken are not available here in Canada. They are to the best of my knowledge exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue and Dior Boutiques.

Nymphea is a pretty pale blue that reminds me of Tiffany Blue. It has a very light green leaning. Not enough to be a teal, but its ALMOST a pastel turquoise. Its not, but it has that leaning. Sadly it is not the best polish application wise. It is kind of wattery and thin, yet kind of gloopy at the same time? I know that makes NO sense what so ever. But its thin and watery but it applies patchy. And when you apply a second coat it kind of pools and pulls/drags more of the polish creating gloppy bits. I am a big fan of Dior polishes and the brush is amazing but this is the first one of their polishes that has let me down formula wise. I also found the dry time to be on the longer side for a Dior Polish. That being said, its GORGEOUS when you finally get it on your nails and I have been wearing it for two days now. I will take it off today but it wore well and no chips or complaints in THAT department.

Dior Nymphea VS Dior Saint Tropez

China Glaze For Audrey VS Dior Nymphea VS Dior Saint Tropez


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