Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chantecaille The Rites of Spring Palette

So I posted on Facebook about three weeks ago super excited that I had tracked down a Rites of Spring Palette (a VERY old Chantecaille palette). I was asked if I would post pics when I got it, so here we go! Again, this is a VERY old palette and it is not available any longer.

Now this empty palette can be purchased for $52 and is called the Ma Palette. Each Shine Eye Shadow Shade and Cheek Colors can be purchased as a refill for $25.00 making this palette available for purchase for $252. I know on the Chantecaille website right now Star Sapphire, Turquoise, Bois and Mica are still available as well as the laughter cheek shade. Pastis and Menthe are also available for $30 with the compact. So most of these colours are still available. And yes, they are pricey. But oh so gorgeous......

Overall I am very happy with this palette and so thrilled I got it! Now I just need to get the Olivia Palette (same Ma palette with 8 shades) which is still available for a very reasonable price of $135 HERE.


  1. Those are some seriously gorgeous colours! And they look like they're a really decent size, too!

    1. they are really big! 36mm size pans. For comparison, MAC shadows are 25mm!



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