Sunday, April 21, 2013

Prismatic Polish In Eon Blue Apocalypse & Vicarious!

So it is not very often I get super excited about an indie line. I am really not an "indie kind of gal". But every so often an indie brand gets my pulse racing. When the lovely Kristina of Prismatic Polish asked me if I would be willing to review one of her polishes, I said absolutely! The ONLY issue I had was I could NOT under any circumstances decide which one I wanted to review. I could not at all narrow it down to one. I finally said to her that I would be thrilled with either the blue or the purple and I ended up getting BOTH!

Now I would like to point out the little blue badge in the corner of the above image. From here on out you are going to see that image on any item that gets sent to me for review. It is just a simple and straightforward way for you to tell if an item was a press sample or not.

Now back to the polish. These polishes are beyond amazing. Let me start with Vicarious.

Vicarious is described as 'a deep violet jelly polish with very small iridescent hex glitter". It is a deep purple loaded (and I mean LOADED) with slightly holographic iridescent glitter. It reminds me most of the finish of Butter London Victoriana or All Hail The Queen. It has that kind of almost 3d shimmer to it. Too small to really call it a glitter, but way more than shimmer. It does dry to a kind of rough finish. Not really sandpaper like or rough, but certainly not smooth. You will need a layer or two of a fast dry top coat or a single coat of a thicker top coat to completely smooth it out. But it went on very beautifully and easily. It was opaque in two coats and was not too thick or too thin. It is thicker than some brands but it applies and flows really really smoothly. I really can not think of anything negative to say about this one other than or unless the not smooth finish bothers you.

Next up is Eon Blue Apocalypse. This one is described as "a periwinkle blue linear holographic nail polish". Now nothing about this polish is periwinkle as far as I am concerned. It is an INSANELY holographic polish with that wonderfully linear holo we all love. But it is true blue as far as I am concerned. Periwinkle is a purpley blue and this is a very true sky blue. But other than the descriptive issue I have nothing else to say about this. It is opaque in two coats, has the wonderful plus of not having that drag that holographic polishes quite often tend to have. I think it is safe to say that a matte top coat or an aqua base coat underneath is completely unnecessary with this polish which is a wonderful thing.

And here are both colours swatched together.

Now on to the important stuff. 

Make sure to let me know which polishes of hers you pick up!


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