Saturday, April 20, 2013

Essence Vintage District Swatches - And The Pink Polish That I HAD To Have!

I have something to say right now I never ever thought I would say on this blog. I never thought I would make this statement ANYWHERE. I am wearing a pink nail polish! Not by force or for a special occasion. But because I actually fell in love with a pink. I never expected to say that. I still hate pink. But I really like THIS pink. Its not a Chanel, a Dior or other high end brand. Its not a special holographic colour or duochrome that made my heart skip a beat. Its a plain old cream. And I LOVE IT!!!

Let me introduce to you the new Essence limited edition Vintage District Collection from Essence. I never got to pick up the grey because it has been sold out in every display I have seen. But I picked up these three.

Vintage Peach is like a faded creamsicle orange. I really like it. I will not mention the formula on the other three as all three were wonderfully formulated. I think they applied beautifully, two coat opaque, and a dream to work with. They just applied smoothly and easily and were not too thick and not too thin.

Shopping @ Portobello Road is a great teal cream. Its certainly pigmented but its kind of.... also kind of has a faded look to it.

And Antique Pink. What can I say about this? I actually really like this colour. I chose it OVER the teal to wear first. How did THAT happen? I am not a pink person. I hate pink. But for some reason this kind of faded rose colour just called my name.


  1. That collection is awesome (I did a post about it today too!! :D) I think that pink is gorgeous too!

  2. I generall hate pink too but essence has a pink-ish polish called "english rose" which I adore. Antique Pink looks absolutely beautiful....I might even get it :p
    Thank for the swatches, can't wait to get this limited edition range!!!!!!!!



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