Friday, April 26, 2013

New Illamasqua Paranormal Collection For Summer 2013

Now before I go on about the entire collection, let me tell you that these polishes glow under black light! The polishes come in four colors: Omen (bright green), Ouija (bright pink), Séance (bright violet) and Geist, which while clear, it still glows under a black light meaning (at least I THINK) it will make ANY of your polishes glow under black light! The only thing is as a 32 year old Chem major who also started a full time job as an auditor two weeks ago, when on earth am I going to be ANYWHERE that will have black lights? A full time job in an office, and a full time Bio-Pharmaceutical Chemistry student means if I have time to update my blog I am feeling successful. Going to a night club? Not likely.

Also in the collection is a palette of 4 cream shadows (paranormal - cerise, aura - warm copper, possession - cool green and trance - soft violet), all new hydra veil (a two in one hydrator and primer), A new precision gell liner as well as a lipstick and highlighter.


  1. I'm way past the age of going to a night club, and yet these sound like lots of fun!

  2. Why do so many makeup companies insist on using names that evoke evil? Are we supposed to be titillated by this? Disgusting.



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