Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flower Beauty Color Play Creme Shadow in Wild Geranium & Comparisons With Hard Candy Cream Shadows

So my parents were recently in the United States and I asked my mom to pick me up one of these cream eyeshadows in either a pale pale pink or a neutral brown. And this is the one she chose to get for me. Now while this is MUCH darker in person than the Walmart website makes it look like, it is probably the one I would have specifically asked for had I been flat out told to choose a shade. Had I chosen a shade, it would have been sold out and my mom would have ended up not getting me one I am sure! So this worked out PERFECTLY.

And I will start to say I really really wanted to hate this product. What good would come of liking it? Stupid Flower Beauty doesn't sell their products in Canada and has no current plans to change that. So I was all prepared to be super super harsh on this product and find a reason to hate it. Then I opened it. And my heart melted. I LOVE THIS!

Now because I did comment on  the disappointment in the plastic packaging of the Hard Candy cream shadow, I should mention here that this one is a nice heavy glass jar. The product may be cheap, but nothing about it FEELS cheap.

I was a little worried something was wrong with the product or that it was tampered with when I opened it since as you can see the top is not on properly and its kind of in an angle.

Now this is not a cream by MY definition of it. Its a mousse. Its so light and airy and I have nothing even HALF as pigmented as this.

This is ONE swipe of the product!


For packaging I have to give this to Flower Beauty. While I admit that I am not such a fan of white and like the LOOK of the black better, the nice thick glass wins out over the cheap plastic of the Hard Candy. As for the ease of use from the packaging they are both quite similar in functionality of packaging. They both have screw off lids and similar sized openings to the jars.

The Flower Beauty one retails for 7.98 and contains 3.5 grams of product making it cost 2.28/gram. The Hard Candy one costs 4.98 and contains 5.4 grams of product making it cost .92/gram. So if the cost is simply the deciding factor, gotta give it to Hard Candy.

Now for colour pay off it is not even CLOSE. But you have to be very very very careful. Because OH. MY. GOSH. The colour pay off is amazing. BEYOND amazing. But a little goes a very very long way.

Now one big deciding factor may be this: If you are in Canada, Flower Beauty is not available here and they have no current plans to bring the product to our side of the border. But if you want to bombard their facebook wall with demands to stock Canadian Walmarts, I wont stop you! If this is a fair representation of their line, then wow is it a fantastic line!

Now that being said, I personally really really like the Hard Candy product. It is a great budget beauty item that has a nice consistency, colour pay off and texture for a budget brand. I LOVE the Flower Beauty version. PERIOD! I probably still like the Illusion D'ombre from Chanel slightly more, but I think it holds its own against the high end beauty products. Its a great product that just happens to be a budget brand. Not a great product FOR a budget brand if that makes sense?

So all in all (and as much as I beg my mom not to read my blog my daily, I know she does) THANKS MOM!!! I love the shadow, and you picked the perfect colour!


  1. Wow that pigmentation is amazing, I will totally check this out the next time I am in the states!

  2. I'm wondering how it compares to the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows as it's packaged the same way (even with the inner stopper thing). But wow, Flower Beauty looks great!



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