Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hard Candy All Lid Up In Quick Sand

Now this review is kind of a two part review. I am going to review this product as I have the rest of my mini Hard Candy haul, and in my next post I am going to compare it to another drugstore product I think is quite similar (the Flower Beauty Color Play Creme Shadow in Wild Geranium). 

Now I recognize that this is a $5 product and that that needs to be taken in to consideration. While I have to say I was kind of bummed that the packaging is plastic. But again, considering the price, what can you really expect?

The product itself is a thick, firmly pressed cream that is very nice and easy to work with.

It swatches very sheer but is very buildable. This is one swipe. Really nice and nothing wrong this this I can think of. But I will hold off saying my final thoughts until the next post where I review the Flower Beauty version and compare the two products.


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