Monday, September 8, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3!

Urban Decay Vice 3 is a go! They posted the above picture on their instagram page. This image below was on my twitter feed but it originates from @prelaeloira by looks of it!

The shades are:
  1. Truth (pale pink-nude matte)
  2. Dragon (bright metallic green shimmer)
  3. Vanity (smoky metallic eggplant w/multidimensional micro-glitter)
  4. Alien (pink-peach w/golden shift)
  5. Last Sin (champagne shimmer w/silver micro-glitter)
  6. Undone (pink-beige matte-satin w/subtle floating tonal pearl)
  7. Freeze (metallic medium blue w/multidimensional micro-glitter)
  8. Lucky (metallic bronze)
  9. Alchemy (deep fuchsia satin)
  10. Angel (light taupe w/silver micro-glitter)
  11. Downfall (warm light brown matte)
  12. Heroine (deep navy blue w/subtle floating tonal pearl)
  13. Reign (rich brown satin)
  14. Bondage (deep, smoky burgundy shimmer)
  15. Defy (smoky taupe satin)
  16. DTF (taupe matte w/subtle floating pearl)
  17. Brokedown (metallic golden brown shimmer w/gold micro-glitter)
  18. Bobby Dazzle (metallic white w/pale gold micro-glitter)
  19. Sonic (metallic red-copper) 
  20. Revolver (soft black satin w/subtle floating iridescent pearl).


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