Thursday, September 11, 2014

Limited Edition “Feathered Fall” by CATRICE

Free as a bird. The fashion world is flocking to the trend of the coming Fall/Winter season: magical feathers adorn the new designer collections. From subtle applications to opulent, flouncing hemlines – marabou, ostrich or peacock feathers can be seen on all of the catwalks in the big cities. Combined with dazzling fabrics and iridescent effects, the resulting look is feminine, sensual and extremely glamorous with a touch of fashionable finesse. The Limited Edition “Feathered Fall” by CATRICE offers feather-inspired beauty products, which will be available from the end of September until the beginning of November 2014. Flying High – by CATRICE.


Spread your wings. The powder eyeshadow with a high pigmentation puts your eyes in the spotlight with its shimmering effects. You have a choice of two subtle favourites, gold and almond, as well as two bold trend colours, petrol and aubergine.
  • C01 Peacocktail
  • C02 Plum Plumes
  • C03 Ostrich’s Frock
  • C04 Plain Plumage


Whether curved or straight, this Liquid Eye Liner with an iridescent chameleon effect creates an expressive, innovative frame for your eye make-up. The liquid texture is highly pigmented and shimmers in the most beautiful purple and blue shades.
  • C01 Peacocktail


Colour is in the air. This lipgloss creates gorgeous colour effects on your lips with its soft golden pigments. The gloss is ultra-shiny and feels wonderfully pleasant on the sensitive skin on your lips.
  • C01 Golden Plum-e


As light as a feather. With its unique gel-like texture, the Sheer Lip Colour feels amazingly soft on your lips and offers a subtle, slightly glossy finish. Sheer colour pigments make your lips shine in a choice of nude, Bordeaux or a mix of plum and aubergine.
  • C01 Plain Plumage
  • C02 Red-y To Fly
  • C03 Plum Plumes


Peacock’s plumage. It doesn’t get much more splendid than this. The brilliant performance of the three limited nail polish colours not is also extremely convincing. You have a choice of shimmering plum gold, metallic blue-violet-grey and iridescent petrol – always with ultimate coverage.
  • C01 Golden Plum-e
  • C02 Peacocktail
  • C03 Skie’s Force


Adornment. The transparent texture of the Feathery Top Coat contains ultra-fine metallic, greenish blue, shimmering particles that create a feathery 3D effect on your nails. Whether used on its own or on top of colour nail polish, this finish looks as fabulous on your nails as an elegant haute couture robe.
  • C01 Feathery Fact


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