Thursday, September 25, 2014

JCPenny For Sephora Holiday Exclusive Sets!

So its a Jewish Holiday right now (happy new years by the way) and I am out of the country spending it with friends. If I timed this right and did everything right you are reading this Thursday morning. I have timed lots of blogposts to come up Friday-Sunday so stay tuned!

But on the way to Minneapolis I did stop in to a JC Penny Sephora. I was thrilled last time I went in to one (my first time) and found some exclusive to them sets and was hoping to find some new ones this time around. I was NOT disappointed!!

Now, I bought a few of these sets (all of these are such FABULOUS deals!!) and they will be reviewed to come! With actual price break downs!

Until then, what do you guys think of these sets?


  1. Thanks for the heads up Shayna. Went this morning and purchased the spa set. Came with a glass glow and the amazing ole henriksen oil. So worth the price!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I was all set to purchase the sephora superstars but maybe I'll get this make up must haves instead, since it has the blush, eyeshadow, and liner that I wanted from the superstars set. I'll have to check out the size of that blush!

  3. Thanks for posting these Polish! I never thought I my wildest dreams that my mom would be going to one in a week or so!

    1. Make sure you post here to tell me what you got!!!



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