Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Face Shop - Sneak Peek In Store & Mini Haul!

I was very excited to check out the Face Shop while in Toronto. I made sure to head to Eaton Centre (a 4 minute walk from my hotel) and scope out the place. I KNEW I wanted to try some face masks, but I had NO idea what they had, or the price points. I must say, I left the store more confused than I entered. They have $5 mascaras and $32 mascaras. $4 lip product and $25 lip products. What is the difference between them? NO CLUE. Why is a range both have drugstore AND luxury pricing in the same line? Again, no idea. But I did snap tons of pictures. Sorry for the crappy phone pics.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see my haul!

In the end I really liked the lip liners (and at $4 and all makeup being b1g1 half price it was steal!) and thought I would try a couple out. They are double ended with a lipstick brush on one end and a mechanical liner on the other.

And I got these 5 face masks. I was going to try one of each of them (so cheap at $2 each) but the sales associate said if I had sensitive skin to only try these five! At least she was honest!


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