Thursday, September 18, 2014

Illamasqua Once Collection

Its no secret that I am OBSESSED with the makeup artists over at Illmasqua and their promo images! Sadly the brand has pulled out of Canada and the United States both from Sephora and The Bay. Thankfully, at least for us Canadians who are used to astronomical (and by that I mean NOT free) shipping, they do ship internationally at!

The collection includes Nail Varnish in Melange: a gorgeous antique teal colour:

A relaunch of Powder Blusher in Naked Rose. 

Sheer Lip Glosses in Exquisite, a pearly pink shade:

And relaunched Opulent, an iridescent beige:

Three new cream eye shadows – Vintage Metallix. Creamy in texture, they are shimmer finish products that dry to a smudge-resistant and long-lasting result. 

The first shade is Bibelot, a golden teal colour.

The second is Embellish, a rich cocoa shade.

The third and final shade of the range is Courtier, a dusky rose product.


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