Thursday, November 5, 2015

Would You Ever Buy This??!!

So I have a feeling this is going to start a lot of drama but I am seriously SOOO on the fence about how I feel about this. On one end I think its totally wrong and kind of dishonest...... but I also would totally buy one if I didnt already have a Clarisonic Mia.

So for those of you who do not know what Aliexpress is, its basically a Chinese version of Amazon. Yes, you can buy TONS of fakes and replicas on there, but you can also buy all sorts of just cheap stuff made in China. $1-$3 accessories galore. And while many do not like that you can not pay with paypal, I think the Aliexpress method is actually safer.  I have made about 80 purchases in the last two years (best place to buy silicone heel protectors, gel insoles and other such items for pennies!!) and have had 9 arrive either completely damaged or just the wrong item. Each time I have filed a dispute and all but one time got my money 100% refunded. Aliexpress does not release the money to the vendor until you confirm successful receipt of item.

So anyways the point of this post. Someone on facebook recently bought a Clarisonic Aria off of the site. I figured it would be a knock off. Didnt think much of it. Then she got it. And reviewed it. And she went to the Clarisonic website  and registered it! WHAT???!!! For $50USD and free shipping?

I went through the feedback comments and was even more floored. 97% positive feedback, hundreds purchased, and many say they successfully registered it on the brands website! The friend who bought it got some replacement brushes at Sephora and she swears that they are actually legit Aria brushes.

Here are a few pictures from the feedback.

So my question is, would you do this? For $50? Its a completely unauthorized seller OBVIOUSLY, as to its authenticity, it seems legit, but that raises all sorts of questions about how they are getting them with real serial numbers and then the morality issue...

That being said, I am totally sure that if I did not have a real one I would totally say screw morality and pick one up! Hell, lets be honest, I just DID do this with a Babyliss Pro Perfect Curler. Instead of $200 USD I just ordered one for $30 Canadian that again, gets 99% positive feedback and that my friend who has the real one says they are legit identical. Do I feel guilty? A bit. But for a curler I will literally use once every 3-4 months, I wasn't splashing out even $100 on the drugstore one.

I am really interested to hear everyones opinions on this, and because I dont really feel like getting the listing taken down I will not publicly post it on this site. You can email me if you really want to get one and I can send you over a link!


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