Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Little Kendra Scott Anyone?

I interrupt this barrage of Cyber Monday and Good Friday deals to tell you about a deal going on RIGHT NOW! I have to say I completely cracked and purchased this, and my only regret is that I maybe got the wrong colour?

Let me introduce you to the Kendra Scott Maddox Necklace. I have to say, I really do need some statement necklaces, but I can never seem to part with the money required to pick up ones that I like. This one, retailing for $295 (USD) was something I looked at, said "nice, but not for $400" and moved on with my life. But when it showed up on the Neiman Marcus Last Call website for $50 yesterday I had to have it! Now its only $40! BAH! I did use the code NOVWLC10 to get an additional $10 off meaning you can now get this necklace for only $30!!! (I think you may need a $50 min to use the coupon, but with the holidays coming up, you can easily find something else to get! one for me, one for you!).

I am obsessing over the Harlow necklace below (either shade) but at $120 I just can't justify right now. That being said, if it goes down in price anymore I will likely cave! If you want the Maddox necklace you can pick it up HERE!!


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