Monday, November 16, 2015

My Name Is Shayna And I Think I Have A Problem!

So yes, I am obsessed with nail polish. And makeup. And clothes. And unfortunately shoes. And just like with nail polish and makeup, I tend to have expensive taste. I wish I didn't. And while I do love me some Zara and Topshop, neither have stores where I live. That makes it kind of hard. And while I do have a tendency to lean towards the luxury over mass market, I do love me a bargain. I am all about thrift shopping. If I buy most of my pieces for under $5 a piece I don't feel guilty when I do splurge on something big! (like this amazing Ella Moss Cooper jacket I obsessed over which you can see here but ultimately passed on. Could not justify $400 Cdn on it. I found it at the goodwill, Neiman Marcus tags still attached. Oh yeah, it was $2!!).

Anyways, I am always looking for a deal. I was on ebay looking for a specific pair of shoes (Rebecca Minkoff Reed heels in blue) and came across a store called apparelsave. I did some googling, and it seemed to not have the greatest reviews on websites. But when I looked at the actual FEEDBACK, I liked what I saw. 32 THOUSAND positive reviews in the last month alone. About 200 neutral and 300 negative. Now normally 300 negative would be an automatic no. But I read the reviews. And 95% of the bad reviews were people who were charged duty on their purchases. You buy things from the USA, you have to expect duty. Basically all the negative reviews told me that I should either not order multiple pairs in one order (large price means duty) and that they were a fairly honest company (would rather have lots of negatives than cheat on customs forms). So I decided to take a risk and make an order.

But, if you know me, you also know I am totally inpatient and totally unable to order one of anything. So I did two things. The first thing I did was order the Rebecca Minkoff Reed heels. They retail for $275 and cost me $33.99. Brand new in box. But how would they ship them? Would they list them on the customs form as being $33.99 or for being $275USD? Well, it turns out they were listed as $33.99! SCORE! Means if you order one at a time we dont have to pay duty here!

Yeah, I ended up getting them in red instead of blue. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue ones (and I really do) I did just get the multi coloured lace up sandals from Zara a few months back and thought that since I had just gotten them, I would get these in red instead! I know as you can see they are totally different, but both are kind of statement-y time shoes and both are HIGH!

But, again, I can not order just one pair. So I also ordered the Via Spiga Ife pumps with white toe for $28.99 instead of the retail of $225. And a pair of Pour La Victoire Belz sandals that I had been dying to get from shopbop but didn't want to pay $275 ($370 Canadian). Oh yeah, I paid $37.99!!! I also got a pair of Nanette Lapore Sweet Revenge Pumps for $32.99 instead of $330. Coach Daylan purple suede sandals with gold trim? Not for $260 but for $29.99 they also went in my cart. And then I accidentally somehow ended up buying these Dolce Vita Burgundy sandals for $9.99 by mistake? Not at all a bad deal since they retail for $98 but they are 4.5 inch and 3.5-4 is my limit for comfort. But they are cute and I can see myself wearing them for short periods. So yes, if you were keeping track, that was 5 more pairs. But again, I wasn't sure how they would be listed on the customs form, and the retail was $1200. After shipping I paid $150 for those 5 pairs and had them shipped directly to my post office box in the USA. Ok, in case my mother or father happens to read this, THEIR post office box. But thats never stopped me before from using it.

Yeah, how did that happen? Does it help justify things that I had a $75USD paypal gift card that payed for more than half of this?

I didn't think so. But yeah. Now the store itself, would I recommend shopping here? YES! 1000X over yes! The shipping was fast. Shipped within a day, arrived ahead of schedule, both the pair coming to Canada and the ones shipped to the USA. Canadian shipping is $14.99 for the first pair and though it doesnt say so, each additional pair is either $8.99 or $6.99 or something like that. American shipping was $8.99 for the first pair and $3.99 for each additional pair. The store has TONS AND TONS AND TONS of shoes, and both used, new and flawed ones. I immediately limited my search to brand new in box options. And the pairs were all as described. Some were floor models and had a bit of scuffs or marks on the bottom. But all completely as described in each listing. And those that SHOULD come with dust bags did come with dust bags. Overall, I am over the moon and very happy. Here are the shoe pictures below of the other 5 pairs.

I LOVE the chain detail on these Pour Le Victoire ones and now REALLY want them in blue! So comfortable! Will possibly have to make another order.......

I swear, I have no idea how or why I ordered these! But they are super cute! Just not comfy!

These Coach ones are amazing. Kind of remind me of YSL Tributes. Not sure why since they are not at all similar. But they still do. And while these look more on the blue side, they are a royal purple. And not at all blue.

I am a pretty consistent size 8.5 US or 39 Euro but these 8.5 ones are a tad tight. I will have to try to stretch them out. If ordering Nanette Lapore shoes, I highly recommend half sizing up!

An amazing purpley-silvery-grey colour with white grains!

Now the biggest problem Where on earth to put them all!! So a trip to Ikea was in order.  A Billy Bookcase and 5 extra shelves solved that problem! And all of the shoes now fit! With a bit of room to spare!


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