Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stacy London x Epaulet Trainers

It started innocently enough. I was scrolling through my instagram feed. And a post from Stacy London caught my attention. She posted a picture of a pair of silver trainers by a brand called Epaulet and I was instantly obsessed. As much as I wanted the metallic silver sneakers I managed to talk myself out of them. I even ran in to the Epaulet store in Brooklyn to pick up a pair in a moment of weakness. But I realized I would probably never wear them. I LOVED them, but they really were not the most practical of shoes for me. Yes, I desperately needed some new casual sneakers, but they were just too shiny for me to ever actually reach for. And as much as I fully support spending insane amounts of money on shoes just because they look pretty, not for sneakers. I would BEHAVE!!

And then this happened. Stacy London posted this picture of a sneak peek of her new colab with the local NYC brand!

At that point I knew that I had to have them. I was fairly certain from the sneak peek that they would be the identical silver pair in a gorgeous blue leather and I thought the universe was rewarding me for passing on the less practical metallic silver pair. I think when Stacy London posted a pic of them the caption said something about using them as a mirror to apply lipstick? Something along those lines. They are THAT shiny! So blue leather? It was meant to be. Then the shoes went live. And if you know me, you know that the only colours I love more than blue are grey and purple. So to find out that these were not just blue leather, but GREY SUEDE?!! In my imaginary world Stacy London designed these kicks just for me as my great cosmic reward for being well behaved. And by the way, that silver pair I passed on? Well, there is a tiny patch of that silver on the heel just to remind me that sometimes, when you pass on something you really want, the universe rewards you with something you want even more! Even if you didn't quite know it yet!

They also come in one other high top style and are limited to a total 50 of each style.

And of course, the real life photos!


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