Monday, April 20, 2015

My May Julep Choices!

This month I am getting quite a bit from Julep, but in my defense, ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! (cinco de mayo!!) so why not?

I am getting all but one of the duos. The swatches above are Shown from left to right: Moonlight & Starlight, Sequins & Showtime, Luck & Magic, Coconuts & Cabanas, 5th Ave & Broadway. I am getting all but Sequins and Showtime.

I am also getting the Plush Pout in Electric Coral. The swatches below (from left to right) are Magenta Plum, Almond Nude, Aurora Pink, Cardinal Red, Vintage Mauve, Fuchsia Berry, Elecrtic Coral and Flamingo Pink. I already own Aurora Pink and while I really wanted Vintage Mauve, it would not work in my box no matter how I tried to swap and flip things around.

I am also getting the clear brow gel (I LOVE the brow powder, so figured I would try this!

And then, the polish. Julep is a polish brand after all. Or at least it was a polish brand. Starting to think its become a general beauty brand. But I am getting basically the entire collection minus the red and the pink.

So the question right now is what are YOU getting? Did you go as nuts as I did? I was lucky in that I was able to customize the Ultimate Upgrade thanks to my mom. She has a customizable box and just so happened to have chosen the three items in my box that I did not want in hers. So I deleted all her choices, made them my own and she will take the ones she wanted out of my box!!

So please everyone, leave a comment and tell me what you are getting!


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