Saturday, April 11, 2015

COVER FX Custom Cover Drops

This is an interesting new product from Cover FX. This is  described as a custom formula that you can build up or sheer out to your hearts content. It is intended to mix it with your your own moisturizers, serums, oils or primers to create your own tinted moisturizer. Its not supposed to matter if its water, silicone or oil based. The product is said to bond with whatever product you mix it with to seamlessly combine in to new custom product for you. At $44 its not cheap, but it is interesting and I am looking forward to trying it. Its already online at Sephora but I really hope it comes to Shoppers Drug Mart soon! 

What it is:
A dropper with concentrated pigments for convenient customization of any product in your beauty regimen, allowing you to control the level of coverage.

What it does:
From a sheer tint to total coverage, Custom Cover Drops lets you achieve your desired coverage. Blend it with anything liquid to create your desired coverage, including moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, foundations, and tinted moisturizers that are water-, oil-, or silicone-based. These revolutionary drops feature Flash Fusion Technology™, so as soon as you drop, it leaves behind pigment that weightlessly transforms your favorite beauty product into the sheerest tint or a total coverage foundation. Simply adjust your coverage by the number of drops you add. The pigments are coated with lecithin, which is biochemically similar to the skin, to ensure seamless blending, precise control, and the smoothest application.


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