Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bauble Bar Sample Sale And Haul

It is hard to be on social media as a girl for any length of time without seeing ads for or hauls from Bauble Bar. But I for one was never quite sold on the brand enough to take the plunge into making an order. Thankfully for me there was a sample sale March 31 through April 4th. Located at 260 Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan, the location was ideal for me to get to and so I had to of course go! While R managed to score a LOT of stuff, I really found little I had to have.

Earrings, very left when you entered the shop (after having your purse taken from you. Literally. You had to check everything but cell phone and wallet. Nothing else allowed) were priced from $5 to $20.

The back left of the room was where I found the bracelets (same price as the earrings). This was where my small haul came from.

The very back of the store directly across from the doors had all the rings, which while ranging in size had no size labels on them. They were priced between $5 and $12 and ranged from thin bands to thicker ones, as well as stackable designs in gold and silver.

The entire centre of the store was filled with tables of necklaces ranging from $10 and work upwards with $12, $15, $20, and $25 pieces. This for me was the big disappointment. Based on the prices on the website (ranging from $16 through $285 (For 14k gold plating and diamond chips) I have to say I was kind of expecting better stuff. I found the gems to for the most part look no better than other costume jewelry (such as Aldo Accessories and Joe Fresh). Overall, I just wish I was more wowed by the pieces.

My small haul:

The Turquoise Buckle Bangle retailed for $34

(Nail polish by the way is by Essie. Where's My Chauffeur?)

The Silver Weave Cuff retailed for $34:

This is the Off The Chain Cuff and retailed for $34:

Each of the three bangles above were $5. So they worked out to be 85% off. Also, the first 200 customers who said "RACKED" at check out got a free gift. The free gift:

While there are none of this style on the website right now, there are many very similar ones that retail from $28-$32. So overall, not too shabby a free gift.

Overall, I did not get much, but I am happy with what I got and have already worn all of the pieces (minus the gold chain one) and have worn the rose gold off the chain cuff almost daily. I really like it beside my watch! 


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