Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day® Night Cap Overnight Perfector

Night Cap is the ultimate beauty sleep for your hair. This easy-to-use solution gives you one week of shiny, vibrant, and more manageable hair overnight. Apply it before bed (to dry or damp hair), go to sleep, and wake up with:
  • Shiny hair for days. Our weightless radiance refractors outperform silicones and oils.
  • Long-lasting, vibrant color. Our patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) combined with long-lasting cuticle sealing technology helps smooth the cuticle and reduce pigment loss.
  • More manageable hair. Amino acids condition and protect against your daily styling habits and other environmental assaults
  • Overnight results that last. These benefits last all week (up to 5 shampoos).
Night Cap is weightless, fast absorbing, pillow-safe, and perfect for all hair types.
Silicone-free. Oil-free.

This is a new product that has launched from Living Proof. The instructions say to use at night before bed. "Apply to damp or dry hair. Start with 2-3 pumps. Spread product between hands. Evenly distribute from root to tip, focusing on ends. Use more depending on hair thickness or length. Comb through and leave on overnight. Style or wash out in the morning."

I have to say I was disgusted by this when I first heard of it. To put some serum in my hair and then go to bed? I just have this image of oil stained pillowcases in the morning... Just puts me off. But after seeing an interview with Jennifer Aniston who also says she was skeptical of the formula at first also. She said she thought it would leave her hair greasy, Having tried it (I would assume she tries most of the line being a partial owner in the brand) she says she’s officially a believer. “Even if it’s shampoo day, it actually doesn’t wash out the product [entirely] because it doesn’t sit on top of the hair follicle, but absorbs into it and continues to do the work for a few days,”

Am I that easy to be sold on a product? A shareholder or owner says it works and all of a sudden "ok, sign me up!"? But sadly, in this case that seems to be it. I have to say I have LOVED the products I have tried from the brand so far. The Perfect Hair Day™ 5-in-1 Styling Treatment is my go to product when I straighten my hair (and a deluxe sample has lasted me IONS), the Instant Texture Mist while not my favourite texturizer is still great, and the Full Conditioner is nice too. So yeah, I guess the brand has proved itself to me thus far and makes me willing to give this product a try. 


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