Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bobbi Brown Blush in 33 Pastel Pink

This blush was purchased for one reason and one reason only. It was intended to be a dupe for my beloved Nars Sex Fantasy Blush that is limited edition and that I am far closer to hitting pan on than I care to admit.

Let me just start with I FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not at all a dupe. Its nice, don't get me wrong. And if I had not gotten so excited when I found it thinking it would be dupe I would probably be professing my love for this blush right now. You know, what, I will. I really DO love this blush. Its just not the magic fix I expected it to be.

And here you can see it next o my NARS one. I like this picture of the NARS blush because you can not at all tell there is a BIG dip in it!

Anyways, overall, I really do like this blush. And I can see it being my go to blush on the sad day that I run out of my NARS one. But until then, I can not see myself reaching for this one too much. Its close enough to my go to one that I would likely choose the NARS when I want this subtle everyday look. And when I want a different look, this is not different enough for me to grab.


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