Friday, November 2, 2012

The Bubble Bath Problem!

So with the holiday season fast approaching (Chanukah is in FIVE weeks?!!?! How did THAT happen?) companies are going CRAZY with new and limited edition releases. The problem is that I have A TON of bubble baths! I am trying sooooooooooooooo hard to use them up and work through what I have. My stash as of now consists of:

And my bubble bars:

See? I have a TON! I need no more. But I want soooooooo many of the holiday releases! I am having a very hard time justifying the purchase or addition of anymore bath products at this point but want so many. I do take a bubble bath at least 3 or 4 times a week and am working through them. So here is what I have gotten through in the last month

So here is the entire stash as of last week (a bubble bar and a bit are gone since)

And I am going to try really really hard to NOT buy any more at least through Christmas. I do plan to get one or two of the new Lush Crackling products and a few of the play dough type ones because, well, come on!! How could I not. But otherwise my goal is to work my way through this before then. I figure at four baths a week for 8 weeks....... That is only 32 baths so theoretically I could finish about 8 bubble bars. That would leave me only about 1.5 or two bubble bars. Sigh......... The never ending stash....... I may just have to give up and give in to the stash! Though I will do my best not to choose THAT option!


  1. Wow that is quite a collection!!! love bubble bath!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3

  2. I feel your pain, I love holiday release items. I always buy the biggest christmas lush box (the $200 one) at the buy one get one sale.



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