Thursday, November 8, 2012

Battle Of The Gold Flake Top Coats - Zoya Or Rococo Nail Apparel?

I have been in love with the look of the gold leaf top coat since I got the Rococo Nail Apparel 24K Gold Leaf Nail Lacquer about two years ago. It retails for £35.00 which is about $56. I absolutely love it but rarely wear it. But I still JUMPED at the opportunity to get the New Zoya Gilty gift set with 18K gold leaf top coat. Let me show you the two items and the differences regarding them.

Look at the packaging of the Zoya set! A box INSIDE a box. It really does have a luxuriousness about the packaging that just makes it seem like something special!

This is the little book that comes with the set. It explains what you get in the set, and then it gives you some visuals of some different combinations that you may wish to try with the top coat!.

And then the polish itself!!

And now the Rococo Nail Apparel Gold Leaf Lacquer. The first difference (though meaningless to me) is that it is 24K instead of 18K Gold. I really think that is irrelevant. Im ok if its 10K gold as long as it looks pretty!

Now here are the two side by side. As you can see, the Rococo version is slightly more yellow and the flakes are slightly larger. They also are heavier and sink to the bottom of the suspension base.

Now this is why I love the Zoya one (and why I very very rarely where the Rococo one!!

Here is the Zoya brush when you take it out of the bottle. See the gold flakes on the brush?

And here is the Rococo one. See the flakes on ITS brush? No? EXACTLY!!! Its a PAIN IN THE YOU KNOW WHAT to fish out the stupid little flakes!!!!

I used Zoya Raven as the base coat for both of these swatches. On the right is the Zoya and on the left is the Rococo Nail Apparel. I do like the larger flakes slightly better but its not worth the hassle in general. The Zoya is easy peasy to use!

And here is an action shot! This is one coat of Zoya Raven and two coats of Gilty.


  1. i dont know if u planed on buying it, but just in case, i would love to see the zoya against the opi one :)

  2. i prefer the bigger flakes as well, it looks so cool!



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