Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lush Fun Is, Well....... FUN!!!

I showed you the preview of this when I saw it online. I ended up buying the red. Yes, RED. Do not adjust the monitor screen. The RED is a bright orange! And smells kind of orange also!

Until you cut it open. Then its pink. LMAO!

So I took a ball of it and just held it under the water.

Unlike my bubble bars, I did not crumble this under the water. I was told by my sales associate that even though the website suggests it, that she found it worked better to just hold it under the water. I have to say she was very right! Do not try to crumble it. I did with a different bathtub and it doesn't quite dissolve as nicely and its just not the most ideal way to deal with it.

As you can see I used very little of the ball of FUN to fill my very large bathtub with water.

The only thing is that the bubbles do not last quite as long as a normal bubble bar. I got about 20 minutes of a full tub of bubbles and by the 30 minute mark they were almost all gone. By 35 minutes, NO BUBBLES. The water smelled nice the entire time though I did not get the moisturizing affect on my skin that I usually do with Lush products.


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