Thursday, November 15, 2012

Julep Pink Blossom Winter Collection

I just got the Julep Pink Blossom Winter Collection in the mail today. They are so much MORE gorgeous than I ever thought! I love these! The holiday collection this year is AMAZING! All of the new glitters are super dense and can TOTALLY be worn on their own.




All of these are with two coats. I think both Barbara and Jordan would be totally opaque in three or four coats. Vivien is the only one that might need four or five to get full opaque coverage.


  1. I love Jordan. How similar it is to China Glaze Some Like It Haute?

    1. I wish I had it to compare! I have JUST recently fallen for China Glaze and while my stash has gone from 3 to 17 in the last month, it is slow going! My aim is in the next six months to get my hands on about 50-75 of the CG colours I have missed out on!

  2. Great choice! All of them are really beautiful and remind of winter holidays! But the most of all I like the golden one and the grey one)

  3. Oh my goodness what a gorgeous bunch! They are all gorgeous!

    Jazz x



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