Saturday, November 17, 2012

Canadian Candy & Treats NOT Available In The United States

Yes, you read that title right. It actually seems we have a LOT of snacks and treats that are NOT available in the good old USA! Let me start by explaining what actually spurred this post. As many of you know I regularly organize a nail polish exchange for people throughout the world. From Germany, to The United States, Australia to Canada, UK, Singapore, Israel and everywhere in between! I tend to do a Christmas/Holiday or New Years one, a Valentines Day one, An Easter one, summer one, and a Halloween or Thanksgiving one. There always seems to be added snacks and treats that make their way into the gift, and it always spurs a lot of talk/discussion and drooling! So much so during the last one that a strictly candy exchange was suggested. Well I did it. I started the Secret Candy Man Swap and ended up getting an American.
Now while I do not want to show you all I got for my match since I just sent it on Friday, I thought I would show you just a brief sample of the treats that I have learned are unavailable on the other side of the border (and by that I mean a 35 minute drive south of where I am!). 

These two bags below are Rockets. They are very similar to a candy sold in the United States called Smarties! And they are the reason why our yummy candy that WE call Smarties can not be purchased south of the border!

Glosettes were one of my FAVOURITE snacks as a kid. Chocolate covered raisins, almonds or peanuts though the raisins are the ones I loved! The original raisin ones will always have my vote!

Now apparently you CAN get Dairy Milk in the United States though it is made by Hershey and not by Cadbury. After doing some research I learned something very interesting. I always thought my dad was CRAZY because he LOVES Hershey Chocolate Bars. But the made in the USA ones. NOT the made in Canada ones. Do they really taste different? I always though he was imagining things. It turns out that they are actually VERY different. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not allow products that replace cocoa butter with vegetable fat to be called chocolate. And for some reason, in Canada, we use vegetable fat or vegetable oil in our chocolate which means that it CANT be sold in the United States without taking away the name "chocolate". And what would they call it then? Mockolate anyone (am I the only Friends fan around)?  So our chocolates here are actually a completely DIFFERENT product than the American counterparts!

I also know that Cherry Blossoms, Sweet Marie and MACK Toffee are also not available to all you Americans. Are you aware of any other candy/chocolate that we Canadians have that you dont? Please comment, as I would love to know!!!


  1. Actually we can get the Cadbury bars & Kinder at a store called World Market. What are the "smarties" Like? Cause to me they look like a candy we have here by Nestle called Spree.

    1. they are candy coated chocolate. basically they are m&ms. But I like the taste and chocolate better in them than in m&ms (which I do not like). But I do like peanut and especially peanut butter m&ms!

  2. Replies
    1. I was just sent a box FULL of Kinder Bueno. I cannot express my happiness.

  3. Kinder can be purchased just about anywhere by now. When I was a kid I could only find it when I went to Europe, but now I've found it in a lot of places in the U.S. It's my absolute favorite brand of chocolate :)

  4. I don't think we get Zero bars in the States...maybe in specialty candy shops.

  5. Smarties aren't like Spree. They are simular to M&M's but not as good. Spree are 'hard' candies.

  6. Bigfoots, Blue whales.

  7. We have zero bars in Texas. And we have smarties but they look exactly like the rockets you have pictured here. My favorite chocolate is toblerone and skor.



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