Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soda Pop Cup Cupcakes!

So the rumour on the internet is that if you take a boxed cake mix and a can of soda pop and mix them together, you can make cupcakes with no other ingredients. Some of the websites say it ONLY works with diet soda pop, others say that heating up fake sugars can kill you. I think you are probably more than safe using diet soda and it seems to be a way to shave off a ton of calories from a recipe, but I chose to use Tahitian Treat (no, its still not available here in Canada people) since I had room temperature cans and they stress you should only use room temperature soda pop.

So I decided to try it. Worst case I was out a box of cake mix.

It sure makes the cake PINK! lol.

I think I filled the cupcake cups a little too much.......

And here they came. They didnt quite rise the way they normally do.

But they are soft and moist and tasty. The only thing is they kind of fall apart. They kind of fall apart a bit as you eat them. But taste wise they are perfect! I did ice these with buttercream frosting afterwards!


  1. They look so yammy! I`ve never seen anybody adding such drinks into the flour but I like your result!

  2. Interesting! Thanks for sharing your experiment! :)

  3. My sister is vegan and we did this with a can of tonic water into the rainbow bit cake mix and made vegan cupcakes for her Birthday last week. She said she found the idea on some vegan website so we tried it. Way better than using egg substitute because that stuff weighs down baked goods and has a chalky taste I find. I could actually eat the cupcakes made with tonic without complaining!



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