Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Velour Lashes In Naughty Me

In Toronto back in November I kind of ignored the Velour Lashes booth. I will admit it. I have worn fake lashes a total of four times in my life, and each time was for a fashion show. Each time I also had the eyelashes put on by a makeup artist and NOT by me. 

So as you can guess, I am not at all a lash expert. I noticed these lashes mainly because a friend Margo was wearing them at a dinner the night after day one of IMATS and I was floored. They looked AMAZING on her. That got me talking to the girls at Velour lashes. I can honestly say I wasn't ignoring them anymore!

These are the naughty me style. They are 100% mink and they don't work like typical lashes. Typical lashes you apply, then put on mascara and such. These you dont. These you apply AFTER the mascara as a final step. And these can be worn about 20 times before replacing. These retail for 64.99 according to the website, but are currently on for $34.99.

So, since we have established my lack of expertise or experience wearing fake lashes, I was at a loss for how to properly review them. So instead called in the expert. My gorgeous cousin, we will call her M. M has been dancing since she was..... I dont think she has ever NOT danced, she pretty much was born dancing. She wears lashes on stage for every show and recital and since she dances competitively, well,  I call her the expert for a reason.

Now according to her these are "lightweight and easy to apply". The only drawback she notes is that the band the lashes lay on is black so you have to put eyeliner over top of the base of the lashes. With that in mind, I asked her if she prefers these or traditional lashes. And her response was a very fast one. These are better!

What I like best about these personally is how natural they look on her. I mean, yes, she is wearing fake lashes. But they don't SCREAM fake like many of them do.

At $34.99 thats less than $1.75 per application making these luxury lashes far less than the traditional "cheap" ones.

What do you guys think? Would you give these a try? I know M is getting another pair or two! And maybe I can have M give me a lesson or two on application so I can start rocking these! I think for the price, if you wear them occasionally these are the PERFECT ones to have sitting in your stash or kit!


  1. I've been toying with getting these for a while I'm going to grab a pair or two when I can next :)

  2. These lashes look stunning, wow! They look so full and fluffy!



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