Monday, January 27, 2014

New Nails Inc Floral Nail Polish Collection

I have to give credit to Nails Inc. They sure come out with unique collections. They have sent me running to the store more than once for the sprinkles, feather affects and other unique polishes. And it seems once more they have hit unique. Its certainly getting harder and harder to come out with a new polish that I dont look at and say to myself "wow, this looks like ________ polish that is already in my stash!!". It seems that they have done it though with this new floral collection.

I must say, as much as I am NOT in to the entire glitter nail look, these are super cute! The new floral collection is a bunch of glitter polishes with big daisy glitter pieces throughout. Are they going to go on evenly and smoothly? Probably not. Are they going to lie completely flat? Probably not. Are they super cute and will they make for a really cute occasional manicure or accent nail? I think so!

What do you guys think? Is this something you are going to run out to get? Or is this a fail for you?


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