Monday, January 27, 2014

L’Wren Scott For Bobbi Brown Spring 2014

Maybe its just me, but the packaging on this turns me off. I know I am the freak when it comes to packaging. Most people LOVE the MAC collections that are themed like the barbie, archie, or villians collections. I think it makes the products look cheap. Its a weird OCD me thing. I KNOW THAT. I like the look of the standard black and white Bobbi Brown packaging. I find these "special" ones just end up looking like you went to the makeup section of the toy store to shop. Ok, I will shut up now and wait for the verbal flogging I am sure to get in the comment section below!

Otherwise, I think the colour selection is pretty, and aside from the fact that there is a cream product in the palette, I like the entire collection. And since it seems all I have done in this post is bitch, WHY OH WHY do companies insist on putting a creme product in a powder palette. Seriously?! I have not purchased the Bon Jovi palette from The Balm for that very reason. And at least they try to pretend to separate them. The design of this palette is nothing short of stupid and I might have overlooked the packaging to pick this up as I am on a big purple kick lately, but for the creme product in the centre.

I will end my cranky rant here and leave you all with pretty pictures.


  1. LOL I swear, I think this is actually a step up from Bobbi Brown's usual packaging, which I have never been a fan of. I really enjoy some of her products but have never picked up her palettes because of this very complaint. Call me shallow, but when I lay down serious cash for a makeup palette, I have far higher standards and expect sophisticated luxury down to the very last detail. And I totally agree about the cartoon characters- Hello Kitty is cute but I don't want to pull that out of my bag for a touchup. Makeup is one of the things that helps me feel grown-up and polished when I face the world. Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman and Disney characters on my palette is only going to make me feel like I've raided my daughter's stash. Of course for a drug store palette, I could care less about cheap packaging- I buy it if I like it, just ignoring the clear plastic covers and useless applicators. Bobbi products I do own are nail polishes(love! have you tried them? her prices have gone down on polish this year.) and a gel eyeliner. I do I like the silvery pink lipstick cases pictured here. Go on and rant, that is what a blog is for!

  2. I totally agree. I would like to buy some of MACs collections, but the packaging is usually really tacky. Stila packaging is bad too IMO. I also hate when they put cheap lip glosses in with their eyeshadow palettes (not Bobbi but other brands.)



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