Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bessame Cosmetics - Review And Swatches

So this beautiful girl (Melinda) was walking around IMATS handing out cards for Besasme Cosmetics. I have to admit, I was not thrilled to see her. My girlfriend was going on and on about the brand, and I wasn't interested. I wanted to be, but nothing about the aesthetic spoke to me. I like modern and clean. Geometric and harsh lines. Bessame? Very vintage, old fashion looking, gold packaging. I hate gold. I just wasn't EXCITED about the brand, and because my girlfriend was SOOOOO excited about the brand, it made me feel like I was somehow missing something. So I just kind of hoped to "miss" the booth.

Thank goodness I didn't! You couldnt miss this 12 year old girl walking through IMATS. And so that brought us to the booth. By the way, I dont know if you can tell from the picture, but she seriously has the most AMAZING eyelashes I have ever seen. I almost thought they were false lashes at first (and that was with her NOT wearing ANYTHING on them). So jealousy aside.... back to the point.

The booth.

These lipsticks as you can see above have a gold bullet with the brand scrolled down the side. The cap is gold with a red pattern printed on them. They also each come in a velvet pouch as if it were a precious piece of jewelry. There is NOTHING wrong with the packaging. They pay attention to EVERY little detail. So much so you can't help but be impressed. I just personally don't like it. Just not my taste. But the execution is gorgeous.

The gift set below (a lipstick, liner and brush) retails for the same price as the above lipsticks. And as you can see, the packaging is different. I just picture a Japanese Geisha when I look at this packaging. I may be nuts, but its what comes to mind.

Another limited edition set, this time with a scarf. To bad the shade is a bright red. NOT a Shayna shade.

So as you can see, the detailing and packaging are gorgeous. And I really really dislike them. I wish I didn't. But you like what you like. Then I started testing. And it was love at first swipe. It doesn't matter that its not my aesthetic. I am so thankful Melinda was working the floor (and then the booth) and that L wanted to check them out and was so in love. I should know to just shut up and trust L. I really do. Which is why I went to the booth. But yes, these lipsticks are just so luxe feeling.

And this is what I bought. Only three, but the line is very heavy on the red shades, and I just am not such a red fan. But I got three gorgeous lipsticks. And at a price of $22 each, I must say they are worth the cost.

First up is the limited edition set in Champagne. The brush is teeny and I haven't tried it yet but it FEELS lovely. The lipstick comes in a velvet pouch just like the others do, though this one is black and lacks the elasticized top.

And this is the packaging. I must say, while I dont like it, I like it better than the gold and red packaging.

And the shades.

Now I must confess. I can NOT apply lip liner. I have a shaky hand, cant get one smooth looking line, and it always looks horrendous. So when I tried this out, I EXPECTED a big fat mess. And oh my goodness. It looked GOOD on my lips. It applied easier and smoother than any other liner I have ever tried. So much so that I actually WORE it out in public. I really only own the GOSH ones and two NYX ones at this point and while they are amazing formula wise, I just fail at the application. Not so with this one. What makes it different? I have NO FRICKEN CLUE! Maybe its just the perfect point? The GOSH ones dont drag, but they just dont apply like this. I wish I KNEW why this applied so much easier for me so I could explain it, but I can't. But if you are like me and are lip liner application challenged, this is the liner for you.

And here it is filled in with the lipstick. On the lips its a fantastic match. Not as much on the hand. Not sure why. But it looks great together on the lip.

And just the swatch below. As you can see, its an orange brown shade and its not my usual colour but its oh so flattering on. And a point worth mentioning, they also make a single lipstick called Champagne. Totally different colour. I don't know why they would do that, but its confusing. So be careful when choosing shades!

Dusty Rose was the one that jumped out at me the most and the one I HAD to have. Not my USUAL shade as its a bit darker and redder than I lean towards, but it may be my new favourite lipstick. A mid toned rose shade that looks almost like a berry. Its gorgeous.

And here is the swatch. Super pigmented, and creamy and smooth. I also must say, while I know it wont last long, the SHAPE of the lipstick itself is fantastic for application. I wish I could magically keep it this exact same shape through use!

Debutante Pink is frostier than I recall when purchasing. Its a purple leaning frosty pink..... almost a lavender? But still pink. I don't dislike this shade, but its my least favourite of the three.

Its also a little bit of a more......... not moisturizing, because they all are. But...... wetter consistency? Or thinner? Its hard to descirbe. It just feels a bit more..... this is going to sound crazy but it feels like it melts more into the lips?

And here are both pinks together.

One BIG thing to note is the scent. Its STRONG. And by strong, I mean hit you over the head with a two by four strong. Its a super sweet sugary vanilla. I don't dislike the scent, but it can get to be a bit much. And you definitely can't NOT notice it.

Now the bottom line here is if this type of packaging and look appeals to you, stop drop and run to the site to order a lipstick. The pigment and quality and details are amazing. And if you are like me and HATE the packaging, I still say run and pick up a colour to try. They are THAT great. Just know they have a super strong smell!

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  1. I love the vintagey look to the line! Love the way the gold lipstick bullets look (although I don't like the black ones at all). That dusty rose is gorgeous, and I really really like the champaigne shade - I think it'd look really good on you. Good finds, I'm glad you gave them a shot despite the differing asthedics.

    I need to start wearing lipstick more...



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