Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Lipsticks and Color Boost Lip Pencils

So about a month back during a Beauty Gala at a Shoppers Beauty Boutique I picked up these three lip products. The lipstick was $20 and the pencils $18.

Now I have never tried Bourjois products before (other than one mascara reviewed previously on the blog) and had no idea what to expect. The one thing I can tell you I INSTANTLY dont like about the lipstick is the name is on the sticker only. The number is printed on the lipstick,  but once I peel the sticker off (and I will as I HATE the look of stickers on the products) the name will be gone.

Aside from that, there is NOTHING about this product I can complain about.

This is a coral leaning pink and it is soooooo moisturizing and applies beautifully

This is a quick swatch on the lips with no mirror and no balm or scrub put on first.

Next up are the Color Boost pencils in 02 Fuchsia Libre and 03 Orange Punch. Now these have NO NAMES OR NUMBERS on them other than on the stickers. Insert angry cry here!

Now when I bought these I thought they were like a Clinique Chubby Stick or one of the other 349.493 gloss balms on the market. I was wrong. These are like the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains. They are balmy, and hydrating but they really do STAIN the lip. Not as much as the balm stains, but far more than any other balm I have. AND..... they are more moisturizing than most of the others also!

All three swatched together:

And all there after scrubbing my arm with a makeup remover wipe. Notice I cant get all the product off?

And with my purchase of $50 or more I got to choose a little mesh bag of items as a gift with purchase. I chose this bag mainly because I thought the shadow would make a nice highlighter. All three of these products are full sized. The smile enhancing gloss is $21 alone. The shadow is $17 and the duochrome eye pencil costs $17. So for the $56 I was spending anyways, I got to try another $55 in product! Not to bad!

Now of these, the only thing i have tried from the gift with purchase so far is the smile enhancing gloss. I am actually missing a layer of enamel or something on my teeth (dentists told me years ago, darned if I remember!) but it leads to my teeth yellowing FAR faster than most people. So I am all about Crest white strips and figured this would be a great product for me. WRONG! I tried the gel ONCE. And only once. And it instantly HURT! So much so that I immediately wiped it off, and it still hurt for quite awhile longer. Will NOT be using or recommending this product. And having used white strips for ages, I have never had such a reaction to a product before.


Have you tried any products from Bourjois before? What do you think? So far I am BEYOND impressed and a little confused as to why we don't hear more about the brand! I will certainly be trying more!


  1. Bourjois is one of my favorite drugstore brands for mascaras, foundations, lip products and they tend to have interesting nail polish collections from time to time.
    They're suppose to be little sister brand of Chanel. I guess they really are if I judge by the quality. :D

  2. I hear the foundation and concealer (healthy mix) is good for white people like us and doesn't ruin your skin

  3. Hi Polish Jinx! I was waiting for you to do the blog on the Bourjois products you purchased at the gala and your awesome gift as I knew you would love the line..... looking forward to you trying more of it!

  4. Great post :) I love a GWP. It's interesting to see the prices of the lip products are around the same price in Australia. Normally we are charged 2 or 3 times as much as the US price.

  5. Interesting reviews! I LOVE the Rouge Edition lipsticks too. Really hydrating and long lasting - great in the cold weather.
    I heard that people tend to remember numbers more easily than they do names. That is probably why they put the #s on the end of the lipstick tubes, instead of those long names that some companies create for their products. Number 17 will be easier to remember than a lipstick name. Trust me! It's true.

    1. Maybe for some. For me, I TOTALLY remember names, no chance I am going to remember a number (unless I only have one). Its my big bitch about inglot shadows! But at least these DO have names, even if not on the products!



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