Thursday, January 2, 2014

MAC Pre-Filled 15 Pan Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes

I tend to follow more BRITISH beauty bloggers than I do Canadian or American. It makes sense being that I live in Canada, no? I have NO IDEA why I do it, but it just kind of happened. And to be honest, I find the common thread of being frustrated that brands wont ship to them comforting. Its not JUST Canadians companies hate. Its all of us Non Americans! But anyways, The Sunday Girl posted MONTHS ago that MAC would be coming out with two neutral, pre-filled 15 pan eyeshadow palettes. 

I am not a MAC girl. I think they are overpriced for what they are. NOT high end makeup, NOT drugstore, they sit in a great little niche of being in between, IF you got the quality I have come to expect from makeup lines. But sadly, I find they are soooooooooo hit and miss, you are better off just splurging on less high end products, or if you are in to the risk, party hard at a drugstore! Inglot to me succeeds in that in-between land that MAC doesn't in my opinion. 

BUT....... these pre-filled palettes are filled with some MAC classic permanent and re-release shades! So I guess it will depend on the cost.

Shades include:  Flounce,  Sweet Allure,  Sun Tweaked,  Blackberry (Permanent),  After Dusk, Pick Me Up, Crushed Clove, Cozy Grey, Deception, Brun (Permanent), Silver Fog, French Clay, Cumulus, Pearled Earth and Black Tied (Permanent)

Shades include: Hey, Warm Breeze, Gingersnap, Dark Brew, Dance In The Dark, Brule Permanent), Vanilla Extract, Honey Lust (Permanent), Amber Lights (Permanent), Saddle (Permanent), Lemon Tart, Butterfudge, Creative Copper, Unwind and Divine Decadence.

What do you guys think? Are either of these on your must have list?

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