Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Chairman’s Suite at the Venetian

So the The Chairman’s Suite at the Venetian IS exactly the type of suite I was expecting from this event. THIS is the thing I had signed up for! Now Suite 36, 201 is NOT where we were partying, and knocking on THAT door was vetoed (seriously though, that is where the party was. Why we didnt go there is beyond me).

Suite 36.306 however IS the suite we were headed to. And yes, this is the door that gets you to the ENTRYWAY of the suite. 10,000 square feet of hotel room. That is more than 4 of the two story split level house I live in. How insane is that?

The entryway. Seroiusly, this is the entryway INSIDE the door of the suite. This is not the hotel hallway.

This table turns. The centre is stationary and then the entire rest of it rotates like a lazy susan.

The hallway. With security guards on either end.

A hair salon in the suite?

Massage room? Or at least what I think is a masage room. Either that or you get your body waxed there. One of the two.........

And once more, how many fit in a bathtub?

Oh yeah, the private gym......

The drinks here were white chocolate martinis that I skipped (not a chocolate fan). Though they seemed to be enjoyed. 

And even though it was now well after 9, there seemed no shortage of drinks being served, or desserts!


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