Sunday, December 14, 2014

Suite At The Cromwell

We got to Cromwell, plastered at that point where Slknyk's friend H and I spotted Big And Rich walking by. We jogged up to them, determined to get a photo but it did not happen. Rich turned around and apologized but said they were rushing to a meet and greet they were late at as the security guards were half dragging and half pulling them out of the Cromwell. Dejected, we walk back to our group, only to bump in to Guy Fieri. I did however get a picture with him.

The Cromwell was at this point the swankiest suite we had seen thus far. Massive and quite fancy. Again, not exactly what I had been expecting based on previous years reviews, but getting much closer!

No idea what suite number this was, and not quite sure how I forgot to snap that picture, but have I mentioned how much booze we already had? I still had my camera, and I consider that a triumph in itself.

No idea why this photo was taken.........

And not only did we have to measure bathtubs, apparently showers were another thing we had to measure based on how many people fit in. Not quite sure why.........

This is how the drink station started

By the time we left however they were shaking up more drinks as people wanted them as the premade was long gone.

They also had dessert though!

And swords. Well, bread-sticks, but thats really the same thing after a while!


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