Saturday, December 13, 2014

MGM Skyloft Suite

We might have been running down the hall to go the washroom. Its entirely possible........


Now MGM has all sorts of high rolling, fancy, swanky rooms and I was beyond excited trying to guess which room we would see. Would there be a plunge pool for example? Well, the short answer was no. It was not really a fancy room at all.  I mean, dont get me wrong. The room was nice. And once more way out of my budget or experience. I am pretty sure this was an MGM skyloft. Now these range in the $800-$1200 a night area of budgets which again, is not something I am EVER going to spend. I would spend that amount if the budget allowed doing a limo for the night and bottle service somewhere swanky and stay in a cheaper hotel myself. Just me. But it was not the kind of experience I was expecting from this event. This is not a complaint, and I had a BALL and I dont regret going at all, but again, it is not what I was expecting.

So that being said, the drinks were most plentiful here. The cocktails were some fruity thing with a lot of rosemary sprigs sticking out making the taste kind of funky (not in the best way) but we were so far gone by then, it really was not a worry. And the desserts were plentiful (though I am not a dessert person). There was also the most AMAZING apple cinnamon champagne punch and very thoughfully they were offering large plastic cups so that we could take some to go. That apple cinnamon champagne punch was possibly my fav drink of the night!!

And we walked in and the first thing we saw was this! This tray was alcoholic.

These drinks were NOT alcoholic. We did not even try them. Though they looked good and were lacking the funky rosemary that could have been ignored in our drinks.

And then the suite. This was the first floor.

Then upstairs. Not sure why, but at this point, Robin (a friend of Channel 4 news reporter Randy) and I decided we must start measuring bathtubs based on how many people comfortably fit inside them.

For beds, the magic number is 7. Seven girls fit comfortably in the bed in the not master bedroom. I am sure this was a big worry on everyones mind and I am glad to have finally put that question to rest.

But the real amazingness. The outside patio. This is where its all at everyone.

Think the thing that never ceased to amaze me in all of Las Vegas was how it went from light to dark in a matter of moments. We seriously were wondering where the master on off switch on the lights were because seriously, thats the only LOGICAL answer.

And this is me and Randy. The best dressed man of the night, as voted by everyone. And my fellow Canadian (even if he lives in Las Vegas now). He is a reporter for Channel Four news locally and now our one stop shop for all the info we need on Vegas happenings!

And the customary photos of "look at pretty background behind us".

And the punch. OMG, the punch. Apple cinnamon champagne punch. And the to go cups might have been measured to hold 5 glasses of wine. And yes, we sure did fill those to go cups totally full of punch! The best drink of the evening by far!


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