Sunday, December 14, 2014

High Roller At The Linq

So to get to the high roller we needed a mode of transportation. And what better way than a strech limo? Seemed logical to me. And when there are 6 of you to split the cost, the price doesnt seem so bad. So off we went in style!

And the limo driver dropped us off right at the wheel. Talk about service!

6 drink tickets and 6 high roller tickets

 We only had 10 of us in the pod. I kind of feel sorry for the two couples who got stuck with us!

And for lack of anywhere better to put these photos, from the linq, M and I took a quick cab back to our hotels to change and then off we went downtown to go zip lining down Fremont Street on the Slotzilla. Even with 12:20am tickets purchased, the wait was long. It was at least 2am before we got to ride. The nice thing was that long wait outside in the cool weather was perfect for sobering us up.

Also, I had realized earlier in the day that I had forgotten to pack leggings or shorts or anything else that I could wear to zipline, so a quick trip to H&M earlier in the day at least prevented another show from being had on Fremont where I was the star! THAT simply was not going to happen!

By the time we were done the ride the night was done for us. Food was a must for us to find, and then it was a cab ride home with the craziest cab driver in all of Vegas who managed to take every side street in the town and even managed to find three SEPERATE tunnels to drive us through. He was however given two options. He could take the $20 I was willing to give him, or we could call the number of the cab place right there and then. He opted for the $20, told us to get out, and then drove off without letting us even close the door. Literally. The door slammed in to the Tropicana taxi stand sign and left behind two big dents on the side of his car. Not quite sure how he planned on explaining the dents, but it was not for us to worry about.


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