Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art Reception

The Bellagio gallery of fine art was kind of disappointing. The vibe in the gallery itself was very stiff and uppity and snooty. We were only a couple of drinks in to the night and were not even being obnoxious or loud yet we got shushed for having a discussion inside. And the minute we walked in a guy sternly looked at us and said 'NO PICTURES!!". We looked quickly at the faberge eggs and hightailed it to the reception outside. 

I have no idea what we were looking at here so intently. I think it might have been the blown glass flowers on the ceiling? Not sure! 

The reception outside had some fantastic food! There was a foie gras thing on a stick that did not go over well with anyone in our group, but the prosciutto wrapped asparagus was extremely well liked and ended up being one of the best bites eaten on the tour (or so thought the majority of us).  And besides the white and red options for wine, there were too hot drink options too. 


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